VccTV - a VERY closed circuit TV system

My current study project deals with video surveillance systems in public spaces.
Last autum I did some research on this subject and this spring I'm working on the realization of an installation and a webbase - both related to the subject of video surveillance.
The installation consists of a video camera, a monitor, a microphone and probably a red button.

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The system can be activated and triggered either by sound and / or by motion tracking (at the moment I'm working on the sound triggered one). Once activated, the system takes pictures of the one who approached it - and keeps them for later use. Looking at the monitor, you'll see other people who played with the system earlier. By 'adding noise' to the system, the user can 'add noise' to the pictures - blurring, distorting and zapping are triggered according to the microphone signals.

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By playing with the system, the user monitors and surveilles - at the same time s/he is monitored and surveilled. An absurd and schizophren situation is created: exhibitionism and voyeurism in one. The one who watches is the one who's watched.

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pictures: situated1 || situated2 || close up || 3 boxes || rendered || first prototype (7pix)