video surveillance in public spaces
research methods practicum
till bortels . mlab uiah fi . spring 2000

In order to find out more about the actual situation of video surveillance in public spaces I did a research, mapping all video surveillance camreas in a couple of streets downtown Helsinki.
I only mapped the cameras which can be found 'in the streets' because I wanted to limit this examination to public spaces only.


Data: the map and the photos show these types of info about the cameras: location, technique, view point

I did this research for my study project "very closed circuit" in which I'll put up an installation about video surveillance.
Therefore I was interested in the current situation of video surveillance. I wanted to find out "how bad it really is". What I did find out is, that the situation is not as "bad" as I expected. Of cause, the does not cover all cameras - only the outdoor cams; neither does it cover all of Helsinki. The area was selected randonly due to the variety of different buildings / institutions: governement, university, boutiques, residential buildings, department store, shopping mall - everything can be found in the mapped area.

- click on a cam-spot to get a picture -

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pictures: situated1 || situated2 || close up || 3 boxes || rendered || first prototype (7pix)